About Us

The Paraíba Aquarium is a complex of aquariums and environments that portray a diversity of living aquatic organisms (fish, elasmobranchs, crustaceans, molluscs, corals, among others) and existing biomes in the state of Paraíba. Being the only thematic aquarium in the State, with approximately 120 specimens belonging to 80 species of animals.

​The Paraíba Aquarium takes you on an exciting trail, passing through several aquariums and signposted and informative environments, where the visitor can learn and in some of them even interact. Along the same route, there is an exhibition of boats and fishing and diving equipment, as well as a shop to buy souvenirs and thematic souvenirs in general.

​The Paraíba Aquarium is a socio-environmental educational tool with a bias to use for education, well-being, leisure, generating an opportunity to know and recognize the importance of aquatic organisms in our life, being suitable for visitors of all ages.

Paraiba Aquarium. “Promoting the preservation of the marine environment”


To bring information about the marine life on our coast of Paraiba mainly, giving schools and visitors the opportunity to learn about its dynamics and ecosystem, in a playful and interactive way. In this case, being a development vector of the aquaculture sector in the State, by encouraging the understanding of the ecology of marine organisms in order to promote the preservation of the environment as a whole. 


To be a recognized company in the State and in the Northeast, which meets the needs of schools, tourists and researchers regarding the creation and exhibition of aquatic organisms, as well as the biomes in which they reside.


Seriousness, Social Commitment, Preservation, Sustainability.

The partnerships and agreements established between AQUÁRIO PARAÍBA and public institutions (schools, secretariats, among others), organized civil society and private companies have the following goals:

  • Formation of working groups in the area of influence of AQUÁRIO PARAÍBA
  • Organization and training of professionals for the development of socio-environmental themes aimed at the actions and activities of influence of AQUÁRIO PARAÍBA
  • Technical/logistical and/or financial support for projects developed by AQUÁRIO PARAÍBA